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With this program you can list versions of important components and runtimes installed on your system.
You can also save it as a report in a text file on your desktop.


- This program is compatible with all Windows versions from 5.1 to 6.4 and 10 [XP, 2003, Vista, 2008, 7, 2012, 8, 8.1, 10] x86|x64;

• WinXPx64 | Win2003x64 users may need to install KB960037-XP | KB978334-2003 hotfix for this program to work correctly;

- It's only one .exe - no installation, no changes to user system;

- Available command-line switches:
  /offline - runs the program in offline mode (without updates).
  /log - save only .txt file without the main screen and updates.
    /? - show help.


- If you hover the system field (the identified one on the right) you'll see a hint with original product name and version number - useful for users with modified OSes;

- When you hover the DirectX version field you may see a hint if DirectX 9.0c is also installed - on newer OSes;

- In case of getting 'mismatch' status for Flash Plugin, Java or VC++ hover the field for details;

- Colored 'LEDs' determine the state of plugins and allow to download them if necessary, if the plugin is up-to-date double-click on the green diode opens the latest link;

- You can use keyboard shortcuts for: help [F1], .txt file save [CTRL+S] and close [ESC];

- You can change background and text colors also the background image with an .ini file (continue reading for details).
automizzer Latest version: v3.5
File name: atmzzrSystemCheck_v3.5.exe
Size: 163KB (167424 bytes)
MD5 Checksum: 30C10D67407B4CDF314FB6D250B41F56

v3.5 [2018-11-07]
 - added build version detection for Windows 10
 - fixed Java detection
 - improved VC++ 2015/2017 detection
 - improved .Net Framework detection
Previous versions
You can change colors of the: background, labels (left column), versions (right column), notes for .Net,
notifications and buttons text/background also the background image

All you have to do is to place a file named 'atmzzrSystemCheck.ini' in the same folder as the program
with proper values and format

Example .ini file - example - download and edit for your needs
Example background image file - background
Example final look - screen

Leave the lines of colors you don't want to change blank and it will be in default colors
Background image must be in the same folder as the app and .ini file, blank line means no background image
Remember to not mess the lines order or numbers

If atmzzrSystemCheck.ini is not detected the program loads by default.
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automizzer automizzer